: Green Gate Farm : NSW TAFE Riverina Institute : National Environment Center (NEC)

 Green Gate Farm : NSW TAFE Riverina Institute : National Environment Center (NEC)

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Green Gate Organic Farm acknowledge the Wiradjuri people, who are the Traditional Custodians of this Land on which we farm. We recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community and we pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

Paddock grazed eggs 

Our rotationally grazing chickens forage the paddocks for feed. Being a certified organic farm, we don’t rely on vaccinations or insecticides. For best suitability, the chickens are bred for genetic vigour so they are a mixed breed. The chickens move around in chicken trailers and are guarded by Maremma dogs. We rely on the farms bio-diversity for chicken fodder and supplement feed with grain and worms from our worm farms. By creating the right chicken niche habitat, we are less reliant on supplement feeding them as they forage for the majority of their own food.

Purposely planted Acacia dominated paddocks have been set aside for chicken forage at times of the year when the Acacias drop their seed. Not only do these native trees create high protein feed for the chickens, but also a miriad of other benefits in the farms eco-system. The varied sized shrubs create habitat and feed for other native animals increasing diversity in the farms eco-system.

Meat birds have been considered as another source of produce from the farm, however small animal abattoirs are a logistical issue for this region. The closest small animal abattoir is in Melbourne. This is deemed both ethically & financially non-feasible.